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1 in 4 people are highly intuitive, are you a 26%er?

Bevin Niemann-Cortez
5 min readMay 22, 2018


According to the Myers Briggs Foundation, which actively collected thousands of personality type scores from 1987–2002, around 26% of all test takers scored higher on the intuitive side of the scale.

Why I’m particularly interested in this stat, other than I am highly intuitive, is the rest of the personality traits(introversion/extraversion, thinker/feeler and judger/perceiver) are split around 50/50.

It’s not until we come to intuitive/sensor that the scale tips dramatically in the sensor direction.

So why are only 26% of people more intuitive? Notice I said more intuitive, as everyone has the ability to access their inner knowing, just for some it occurs naturally as our core way of being.

As I understand it, scoring higher on the sensory aspect of the scale means a person is more connected to the details right in front of them, accessed primarily through the five senses. What you can directly observe, smell, taste, touch, hear. Being sensory should be considered an evolutionary advantage, as we need the majority of humans present in the here and now, paying attention to what is.

On the other hand, gathering and processing information intuitively is also a evolutionary advantage, albeit a more holistic process. Synthesizing all the data I’ve ever noticed, collected and catalogued for forty-five years. Every song, every visual image, phrases that captured my attention in thousands of books I’ve read so far.

My intuitive mind is busy, busy, busy creating pathways and intersections between seemingly disparate ideas, thoughts and visuals —until there it is — the pattern emerges.

The aha moment, or what I lovingly refer to in mystical terms as a Divine download. Since I believe I’m Divinely created, it stands to reason this gift of synthesis and connection comes from one source.

I believe these pathways are not just stored in my individual consciousness, but in a much wider field that’s available to all. Jung termed it the collective unconscious, the 80% of our group iceberg floating below sea level. A realm of powerful instincts and archetypes; most aren’t even aware this web of consciousness exists. Or even how to access it.



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