Are you a Renaissance person? A generalist? A Jack or Jill of All Trades?

Bevin Niemann-Cortez
4 min readJan 13, 2022


I’ve been on a journey for YEARS to discover who I am, to understand, own and embody my strengths. I’ve taken gobs of quizzes and assessments, I’ve attended numerous retreats, read hundreds of self-help books, and studied a variety of modalities.

Each of those experiences and investigations unveiled one golden nugget of understanding, then another and another. Showing me the reasons, I am who I am and why I do what I do. Helping me to understand that who I am is normal and healthy.

Today’s revelation came in fast, and it felt so damn good.

I was listening to a business webinar, taking notes, and allowing the energy of what the speaker offered to wash over me. She invited us to list all the things we were offering in our business, to take a bird’s eye view of our product/service suite.

So, I listed:

· Empowered Sensitive Leaders community, with 360 members from six continents

· 1 published book on Amazon and 4 published e-books on various topics

· 8 online courses

· Etsy store: Gifts for Empaths

· 2 mastermind groups — Spiritual Marketing Magic and the Wisdom Circle for Spiritual Leaders



Bevin Niemann-Cortez

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