Being Anti-Racist Doesn’t Mean I Hate My White Skin, Or Yours

Stop projecting your insecurities

Bevin Niemann-Cortez
4 min readNov 21, 2021


Yesterday, I sent a message to my email list and my community about the actions I’m personally taking to dismantle white supremacy. I expressed deep concern that I live in a country where there’s no consequence for someone who considers themselves ‘civilian militia’, buys an assault weapon and drives across state lines with the intent to intimidate, and kill, people he doesn’t agree with.

This is not a new phenomenon, white men enacting violence and getting away with it, but we must make it stop.

The trolls came out of the woodwork. Good — show me who you are.

One person told me that empaths, lightworkers and mystics don’t EVER get involved in politics, we’re too transcendent for that and everything that happens in this world is an illusion (a post for a later time).

I was told multiple times I need to be afraid of all the desperate, dangerous Hispanics coming over the border. Now you got personal. My life partner is Mexican American, and his people are from Chihuahua.

I’ve had only welcoming experiences with his family and within the majority Hispanic border community I now live in. I worked side-by-side with hundreds of Latino men for years when I was a landscape designer. I held deep respect for our crew members, certainly much more than the white, male owners of the company, who were toxic, abusive, and entitled.

The most common clapback was because I talk about white supremacy, I must hate my white skin and detest being a white person.

On the contrary, after almost a decade of inner spiritual work, I love who I am, more than ever. I was born with this skin, with this mix of ethnicities, just like everyone else. Can’t change it and not trying to. But I don’t worship my skin or my ethnic group as superior. They’re just cells with a certain level of melanin.

The color of my skin says nothing about my heart and my soul. It doesn’t speak to how I show up in this world.

Yours doesn’t either.

For thousands of years, humans have judged each other on superficial metrics. Anyone who looks different, speaks…



Bevin Niemann-Cortez

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