Empaths: don’t put yourself into a box

At some point, it‘s bound to suffocate

Bevin Niemann-Cortez
4 min readJul 14, 2021

Whether we’re aware or not, all around us are boxes. Square containers to help us conform to the norms of the workplace, our friend group or relationships. With nice, neat corners and a finite amount of space to move and breathe, boxes work well for some people.

Not for empathic, intuitive souls.

Boxes, and those who create and uphold them, are designed to constrain. Limit movement, expression, and reward conformity.

In some ways, our society needs boxes. We need laws to keep us safe. We need systems and structures (although most we’ve created so far are oppressive and inequitable). The energy of Saturn exists for a reason.

The planet itself contained by rings, Saturn helps us to focus, set healthy boundaries and understand our limitations. We are in human bodies with a finite lifespan. We can only exert so much physical energy before we need to rest. We can’t do everything, be everywhere or connect with every person on Earth. We gather in groups to create cultures, rituals, traditions, and agree-upon roles.

Yet, perceptive souls often struggle with hyper-defined boxes in our modern society. We long to explore and expand beyond the four corners.

What if? is our mantra.

We do not need a rubber-stamp of approval. We desire freedom. The freedom to live fluidly, in alignment with the energy rising, with our deepest inclinations brought manifest.

While there’s nothing wrong with linear processes, empaths understand that underneath, the world moves in complex patterns and juxtapositions. It can no longer be broken down into a simple, square form.

Do this step-by-step >>> and get this result is an unsolvable equation.

Life must breathe.

It’s time to take the lid off the box altogether. Let the light stream in, illuminating shadows in the corners. Those aspects of our modern culture that sensitives can see are not working.

When everyone’s used to being in the box, the matrix, or whatever analogy you wish to use, what’s beyond four walls feels intimidating and scary. There’s no roadmap, no highway, no…



Bevin Niemann-Cortez