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Physical Marriage, Spiritual Marriage

Bevin Niemann-Cortez


In this lifetime, I have experienced both physical marriage and spiritual marriage.

You might wonder, what’s the difference?

Physical marriage takes place on this Earthly plane, it generally involves a period of dating, engagement, ceremony, celebration, the sharing of love and legal responsibility. I was in a physical marriage for over two decades, two souls walking a path together through a myriad of human experiences.

It was one of the relationships through which I learned the most.

Awakened to myself and to another. Practiced (if a bit unskillfully) communication and negotiation with a side twist of tribulation.

This is where I became aware that you chose your physical spouse as a mirror, what bothers you in them, is in turn held up for full examination.

Physical marriage can be beautiful. It’s also challenging, requiring daily vigilance and attention. The minute you get distracted and forget to tune-in to the other person, it can easily slide into complacency or discord.

Physical marriage is also worth every moment. Connecting that deeply with another human being is sacred.

How is spiritual marriage different?

I’ve also been so honored to have experienced a spiritual marriage, on a very deep and meaningful level. A thread of recognition from many lifetimes past.

The incredible ability to speak to each other through your souls.

Spiritual marriage is a contract co-created before both souls decided to meet in human form at the same time, at the same place.

A partnership agreement of the highest Divine nature.

It’s purpose is to engage two souls, two humans in a special life mission, to be in service to our world.

Spiritual marriage is omnipresent, regardless of whether a couple is married in the physical realm. This soul connection can create confusion and pain in human terms, as sometimes the spiritual husband and the spiritual wife don’t get to be together.

Yet, let us not forget, they are eternally linked. A bond that cannot be broken by mere Earthly concerns. Consider it the ultimate big picture viewpoint.

My spiritual marriage had the greatest impact on who I am, it’s why I’m walking this path, have the inspiration to write to you at this moment.

We were both able to be fully witnessed and in turn, fully witness another.

There is no gift more profound.

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Bevin Niemann-Cortez

Social-Emotional Healer | Sacred Space Designer | Budding Herbalist