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When we expect life to be fair and it’s just not…

How free will and karma balance the scales

Bevin Niemann-Cortez
4 min readMay 26, 2018


We’ve all thought at one time or another, ‘But that’s not fair!’ It might be a small inequity or sometimes huge. We wonder, why does life, God, Source, allow that to happen?

Why do humans face deep inequalities based on the color of our skin, the amount of money in our bank account, our spiritual beliefs?

What about suffering that occurs from disease, natural disasters, war and violence? Why are some people safe and respected while other fear for their very survival and are made less than? Why do some live to age 98 while others pass too young?

Who decided to tip the scale and will it ever balance? How exactly does this free will and karma thing work anyway?

I’ve studied different teachings of the concept of karma and they appear to have similar tenets:

  • Karma is not meant to be a punishment but instead an opportunity to learn (I guess this means we can transform the phrase, karma’s a bitch into karma’s our teacher)
  • We choose to incarnate because Earth is our schoolhouse, everyone we meet and every challenge we face teaches our soul an important lesson (uncovering those lessons becomes our spiritual journey)
  • We can choose to view what’s happening as suffering or as an opportunity (don’t beat yourself up, this is a really hard one for almost everyone)
  • Eventually, if we face our karmic challenges head on, we get to step off the wheel of reincarnation and merge into transcendent Oneness (hell ya!)

So, does that mean that everything in our lives is pre-destined? Where does free will come in?

Because we all want to have some feeling of autonomy and control, right?

Many strive vehemently to right the inequities we see, I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t. When something’s wrong, it must be addressed.

I wonder though, if expecting everything to somehow be perfectly balanced is unrealistic? Not from a pessimistic view, but accepting there’s so much we do not understand and can not control.

Just imagine, the complexity of billions of souls all working through our individual and collective karma, can be mind boggling.

I’ve waffled quite a bit between accepting that parts of my life are likely destined and simultaneously feeling resentful if I don’t have a choice.

My ego-self likes to think I’m pulling all the strings, but my soul knows better.

I understand not everyone who’s been through hardship chooses to view life the same way. For some, believing there’s some type of Divine plan, a reason for what we’ve experienced, can bring immense relief.

For others, this idea just hurts more. It brings greater healing to believe you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, subject to someone else’s negative choices and behavior.

Whatever brings you the most healing and empowerment is what you should embrace. What you need may be different to move forward.

For me, realizing that some of the difficult things I’ve experienced in life had a larger meaning, that I can stop, reflect and see a pattern, has brought me into wholeness.

The more I tune-in to the lessons life has to offer, the more the cosmic scale wants to balance. Less wild swings up and down, just incremental adjustments.

It becomes increasingly clear where on the scale I need to apply some weight and where I need to take some off.

I’ve become an active participant in the quality and outcome of my life and in the lives of others. I no longer believe things are simply happening to me, but that the scale is waiting for me to apply the balance.

It’s a long game. Achieving karmic equilibrium is purported to be a lifetime after lifetime after lifetime process.

The next time you catch yourself thinking, ‘This isn’t fair!’, consider it an invitation to stop and reflect.

  • What’s the greater message for me right now?
  • Who am I being asked to be?
  • What’s my next step to balance the scales?

Perhaps your next step might be to acknowledge that you’ve always been Powerfully Perceptive.

Being a perceptive soul is not a weakness, on the contrary, being tuned-in to everything requires a deep well of strength. We often don’t fit in with mainstream culture, we embody a unique way of thinking, sensing and being.

To hold your space, just as you are, requires courage and resilience. Often, you’re not exactly sure where this journey will lead.

An experienced mentor who’s walked a similar path can alert you to potential dips and curves in the road.

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Bevin Niemann-Cortez

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